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We look at digital promotion in a unique way. We start by refining and focusing on our clients’ business goals, formulating a complementary digital strategy, and then determining the right tactics to meet your goals and objectives.

It’s important to understand that “digital” is not just another channel to deploy traditional types of promotion. Digital promotion requires a whole new approach and a modern understanding of consumer behavior. PGB Promotions has a strong digital promotion team, which is ready to formulate the right digital strategy and accompanying tactics for your business.

Critical to any new or growing business is having an intelligent, well-thought-out digital strategy. Our experts partner closely with our clients to ensure that our recommended digital promotional strategy aligns with and supports your overall business strategy. Our strategy development tools will help you create the desired outcomee you need now!


If you Conceive the mission, Believe in the power of the mission, then you will Achieve the mission.

Web Design

Key to any successful digital promotion campaign is an outstanding website. PGB Promotions partners with its clients to drive the design and development of a new website, making sure that certain elements are ensured. We make sure that websites are designed for mobile devices first and then are responsive for desktops and laptops computers. We create an easy to navigate website. We create a clear call to action.


Organic search is something that drives customers to your website. It is arguably the most valuable source of traffic for your website. Our SEO experts in Sugarland, as well as in our other offices, ensure that organic links for your organization will rank higher than competing links. To drive more traffic to your site, we analyze how search engine friendly your website is. We then recommend changes to your website to improve Search Engine Optimization.

Online Promotion

There are two primary goals of paid digital promotion: awareness and lead generation. PGB Promotions understands the difference between those two goals and has the skills and experience to know how they can work together to achieve our clients’ business goals. We use Display ads, Social media posts, Retargeting, Paid Search/Google AdWords, and Email promotion to reach your desired demographic.

Music Promotion

There are many music promotion services that are not willing to back up what they say, or they will claim that they deliver results in a particular amount of time only to disappoint the client. We believe in a long-term relationship with our clients, whether they are artists, marketers, or entrepreneurs, which is why we offer Free Music Promotion as a show of good faith.

Social Media

Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram are changing. These are essential part of your success these days. Whether you’re sharing your blog posts, your website, your music or even your music videos, it’s essential that you have some form of social media presence. If your business, brand or organization doesn’t have a well thought out and executed social media strategy, you’re missing a huge opportunity to reinforce your brand, engage with customers, and drive business.

Media Promotion

If your team is looking to shape and share your brand story then contact us now. We can produce a key messages and core strategy that communicates the power of your organization. From message development and content creation to sharing your story through live interviews, with investors or at a time of crisis, we will empower your team. We can also provide media sessions,interactive activities, and simulated media interviews.










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